Open House 2019

A few pictures from the Open House held on December 12th, 2019. 

Our gorgeous board room table was crafted by Square Peg Woodworking.

The beautiful centerpiece created by Carolyn from A Zebra of a Different Stripe. 


CRA Using Big Data to Catch Tax Cheats

The CBC has reported that The Canada Revenue Agency is increasingly using "Big Data" and automated analysis of it to target their compliance and collection actions. That is not really news or surprising in itself, but in that the CRA is using information it can collect from social media and the wide wide web citizens are unknowingly providing. Read the article here.



It's of little surprise to find an accounting firm with in-depth knowledge and competent professionalism but what sets Abeck Accounting firmly apart from virtually every other "numbers" business I've dealt is its soul. These are people that really care for you and have your best personal interest at heart. They are real and they are human and that's something that's sincerely appreciated by this client.